Dätgen DW15 Beckhoff TwinCAT All-in-one Control Platform
Dätgen DW15 Beckhoff TwinCAT All-in-one Control Platform

Dätgen DW15 Beckhoff TwinCAT All-in-one Control Platform

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Automation technology with Beckhoff TwinCAT ensures highly repeatable, top-quality roasting results. The recipe management system enabling the user to run existing recipes as well as the ability to create and store new ones. At the same time, the system to visualize the temperature curves so that the roasting process can be properly controlled and logged while the integration of the green bean cart via cloud-based app enables consumption to follow up.  

– Integrated FPU (floating point unit)

– 7-inch widescreen display, 800 x 480 pixels, touchscreen

– On-board Ethernet adapter 10/100BASE-T TCP/IP

– On-board EtherCAT adapter (I/O interface)

– Web server (IIS) – TwinCAT Runtime

– Integrated visualization (target visualization)

– Interfaces for web visualization (HTML 5, JS) for local visualization, iPhone, iPad, etc.

– Interfaces for JS, .NET, OPC UA, etc. (ADS interface)

The Dätgen DW15 has a production capacity of 500 g to 15 kg. Dätgen DW15 is most suitable to roast and cool middle to large quantities of coffee beans. By simultaneously roasting and cooling your production will double. Therefore it's possible to produce nearly 60 kg per hour of excellent roast coffee.

Dätgen green bean carts include a built-in scale. The integrated vacuum lift attachment enables hassle-free loading of green beans to the roaster hopper.

  • Built-in scale
  • Vacuum lift attachment

 • Simultaneous roasting and cooling using separate suction of the cooling and roasting fans.

• Roasting drum with special mixing paddles ensures optimal movement and mixing and great excellent roasting results.

• Adjustable flame modulation of gas burner controlled automatically with roasting profile software Droast or manual control

• Adjustable airflow controlled with roasting profile software Droast or manual control.

• Operation via personal laptop where the operator can control the bean temperature, exhaust temperature, burner power, roasting time, speed of roaster fan and drum, alarms and maintenance.

• Fuel: Propane gas or natural gas.

• Gas burner (Low Nox) with complete gas train and all safety accessories.

• 4 Separate motors.

• Safety device with standard rules.

• 2 thermocouples: Bean temperature and exhaust temperature

• Generously sized separate cyclone for efficient chaff removal.

• Fully insulated with blanket of high temperature insulation, this makes the roaster very energy efficient and very quiet.

• Simplified installation and setting–up